Thursday, June 19, 2008

Sued in the Spirit

The next time you plan to have the Holy Spirit knock you down, make sure you have a couple of big, strong, burly "catchers" nearby lest you crack your head on the floor. Otherwise, a mess of stitches, head trauma, and litigation, may occur.

From the plaintiffs complaint:

Mr. Lincoln received the spirit and fell backwards striking the carpet-covered cement floor with the back of his head and back, causing him to sustain severe and permanent injuries ...
[Mr. Lincoln accuses the church of being] negligent in not supervising the catchers to be sure that they stood behind the person being prayed for and in front of the visiting minister to assure that they could catch someone should they have a dizzying, fainting or falling in the spirit as had occurred on many occasions before.

Be careful out there, people.


Derek said...

Redonkulous! Never before has this religious practice seemed more fabricated to me.

James Miller said...

Lord have mercy (x3)

Kevin B. said...

Wow, Cort. If only the Holy Spirit could sue this guy for false advertising.