Sunday, December 7, 2008

Memphis Marathon: Sub-3:00 Achieved

It happened: 2:58.49 (or within a second or two of that). Most all of the tumblers aligned for me to have a good race.

1. Trained well.
2. Avoided injury/illness.
3. Relatively flat course.
4. Decent weather (a little cool, a little breezy, but OK).
5. Run a smart race.

I went out a little fast (~6.40 pace) in the first few miles, and had to pull back a bit in Miles 7-9 (6.55 pace), but got into the groove I needed from Mile 9 through Mile 23 (6.45 pace). This allowed me to build a cushion for those last few miles. And, I did slow down a bit the last three miles (closer to 7 min pace), but to feel that good so late in the race was a new experience. There was fatigue and some pain, but I actually enjoyed this race from start to finish. By the time I started feeling rough, I knew I was going to break 3.00.

I am quite sore today, but no damage done. And, my switch to Adidas prevented the dreaded and ghastly black toenails I normally get from racing 26.2. They are not discolored at all or even sore.

Thank you for your support and prayers!

Thursday, December 4, 2008

Memphis Marathon: T-Minus 2 Days

Alas, no online tracking for the Memphis race. Bummer. But, I will do a write-up after it's over.

Please say a prayer for safety, swiftness, and endurance, and that God would teach me about my limits and His Creation through this race.

Feeling good. Feeling strong. Weather will be chilly (30s), but that is not bad for racing as long as the winds stay down.

Please comment if you know of any "must" restaurants in Memphis.

Monday, December 1, 2008

Memphis Marathon: T-Minus 5 Days

The St. Jude Marathon in Memphis, TN, is five days away and this will be my first realistic shot at breaking 3 hours. I think it will be extremely close, as my training and recent shorter distance race times project me right at 3:00 to 3:02. It is a fairly flat course, the weather looks great, and I am in the best shape I've ever been for a marathon. If I avoid illness, I'll have a legit shot.

That said, it is unwise to underestimate or disrespect the distance that 26.2 miles commands. The teeth of this course comes in miles 15-19 during a slow ascent, but it's nothing drastic--it's more the timing. I'll be tired by that point and keeping pace will be tough. But, from 19 until the end, it's a slow descent, so that will be a nice mental boost if I can run at pace through mile 19.

If this race provides online tracking, I will post a link later this week.