Thursday, December 4, 2008

Memphis Marathon: T-Minus 2 Days

Alas, no online tracking for the Memphis race. Bummer. But, I will do a write-up after it's over.

Please say a prayer for safety, swiftness, and endurance, and that God would teach me about my limits and His Creation through this race.

Feeling good. Feeling strong. Weather will be chilly (30s), but that is not bad for racing as long as the winds stay down.

Please comment if you know of any "must" restaurants in Memphis.

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Luke Harlow said...

Rendezvous BBQ downtown. It's in an alley and there's this pipe that blows the smoke out so you smell it a couple blocks away. It's got a fairly serious tourist reputation, but it's basically just a historic, regular restaurant.

Other people swear by Corky's. I've never had it.

Memphis is known for ribs with their dry rub. I'm not really into ribs much myself, but the pulled pork sandwich at Rendezvous is pretty great.

Best of luck with the race!