Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Boston Completed

Just a quick update to let you know that I survived Boston in 3.06.04. This was a personal best at the marathon distance.

I will post a detailed story of my trip tomorrow, but for now:

1. My knee was never an issue. I think it healed up right on time. It simply was not a factor.
2. My sinus infection was nearly gone, but it was a small factor. Not bad, though.
3. I have some UGLY toenails. REALLY painful late in the race. Two of them are pitch black today and three others are purple. Probably gonna lose a couple. That's just part of the deal for me when I marathon.
4. But, I'll take my toenails and smile because otherwise I feel OK. I am extremely sore, of course, but there is no significant damage. Hips and feet and really stiff/sore, but that will fade in a few days.

Thanks to all for all of the support. More tomorrow.

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