Monday, September 22, 2008

The Prune Effect

Today, I had a piece published in Rise Over Run, WKU's student-run online magazine. It is mainly a defense of the type of course that I teach called "University Experience and the Prune Effect."

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Anonymous said...

I enjoyed reading this.

I was frustrated by some of the comments students and alumni made about the essay in the online zine's comment section.

The curriculum for the course has changed a lot since I was a freshman but I think the need for the course remains the same.

James Brown (My UC 175 instructor) gave us some great advice- "Employers want to see that you have a degree. They then know that you can start and finish something long term."

Other topics covered included: alcohol consumption, parking spaces, how not to piss off professors, and the art of taking classes you don't really need to better understand yourself.

Did we all need to hear those topics discussed? Yes, we did.