Wednesday, July 2, 2008

11 Best Foods You Are Not Eating

And, in some cases, they are relatively inexpensive foods, too. From the NY Times wellness section:

Eat These Eleven

To be honest, I don't eat beets. But, I'm willing to shred them and try them as a salad base. I'll let you know how that goes.


Nedinsky said...

In five years I'd be willing to bet that headline will read "11 most heart clogging, high blood pressure, cancer causing, take your pick foods you're eating."

By the way, Jon and I completed the 20 min run today. This is cause for celebration I'd say.

Cort said...

No doubt! You guys are going to rock the 5k on Labor Day.

Anonymous said...

Shelley eats a lot of canned pumpkin (in muffins), we have frozen blueberries, we eat at the Taj occasionally (lots of tumeric there), and she's intrigued by the pumpkin seed idea.