Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Fun with Death

Deceased rock star and catalyst for my rock-n-roll awakening Kurt Cobain is the subject of a new documentary. Friends Brandon, John, and I went to Nashville's Belcourt Theater to see About A Son last night. The film consists of video/images of Washington towns Aberdeen, Olympia, and Seattle, and audio from Cobain himself. Cobain's voiceover is taken from Michael Azerrad's interview tapes for his book Come As You Are. The film gives insight into the mind of Cobain and the childhood, physical ailments, contradictory personality, and general grouchiness that so heavily inspired his music.

There are no Nirvana songs. No live footage of the band. No entertaining of conspiracy theories about his death. No chest-beating about how they changed music. It is a very real portrait of Cobain and the towns, landscape and culture that molded him. Check it out if you can.

On a not-entirely-unrelated note, check out this highly entertaining and informative cartoon on the death industry and the impact of our decaying bodies on the earth. If Cobain made cartoons, they might have looked something like this. Fascinating stuff.

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James Miller said...

that cartoon makes me want to get buried in the forest.