Thursday, April 26, 2007

Track Me at the Derby Marathon!

My training is complete, and the all the hay is in the barn. My bags are packed, and I'm heading to a friend's house in Louisville today. All that is left in my marathon preparation is mass consumption of carbo-licious foods and a 2 mile jog today just to stay loose and remind my body to store some water. Tonight, I will attend the race expo and get some sleep.

My wife, son, and my parents will be in Louisville to welcome (help?) me at the finish line of the Derby Marathon on Saturday. But, by the wonders of this newfangled Internet and "chip timing," you can track me from your home computer! The Derby Marathon site will let you see my split times at various points of the race. Simply search for "Cort Basham" and you should be able to track me or any other participants that you know.

I feel good and the weather forecast looks great (~50 degrees at start). Please pray for safe travel for all and a safe run. I'll post on Monday with more details than you will probably want to know about my marathon experience.


K said...

Best wishes, Cortney! I know you've trained hard.... now with St. Paul, I exhort you... "Run in such a way to win!" :-) Good luck. Be safe.

Kevin Burt said...

Oops. that last post regarding your race and St. Paul was me, Cort. Hit submit on accident while signing my name. Kevin